About Us

NANA’S was founded in 2015 February, by the Budapest based, Bulgarian born young designer Nati Drencheva (26) who first started her career in the fashion industry as a blogger at the age of 18.
After 2 years of blogging, working as a stylist and fashion editor she decided to fulfill her dream she always wanted to do as a child and started her womenswear designer  brand – NANA’S and in the meantime she graduated in Fashion Management at Mod’Art Fashion School in Budapest.
“My little brother used to call me NANA when he was little, this is where the name comes from.”
Due to the big audience of the blog and the concept of the brand it quickly became popular on the Hungarian market. The main message was to create something unique, wearable and affordable and can be chic both day or night. 
“I learned every single step by creating the brand from zero and I think this is the best way to learn.”
Starting with a "mini-collection" of 12-15 pieces now the palette has grown , and besides the main line the brand often launches capsule collections (swimwear, loungewear and now basic Men's collection). 
NANA'S also represents values such as creating a community and Charity movement, called “LotusbyNanas” which is made to help underprivileged and sick children through many platforms.
“Being successful is one thing. What’s more important is to be able to change things in your environment in a good way. Charity has always been a close thing to me. I would like to open people’s eyes with the power we have through our costumers that fashion industry is not only about superficial things.”